PLANLUX  is an Istanbul based independent architectural lighting design studio established in 2008.

Members of our team have the ability of strong conceptial development of architectural lighting techniques. During the project process; we consider continous strong relations with our clients, their teams and the concerned parties, establishing reliable technical documents for the development of  the design processes from architectural detailing, specification development to lighting control techniques  and final adjustments while always taking sustainibility into account for our environment. Planlux team acts according to  IALD Standards of Ethical Practice and the PLDA Code of Ethics , supporting various organizations and educational activities for the development of lighting design profession.

We assist the project management teams,  in understanding the requirements and developing the appropriate policies and procedures for lighting design projects in a cost-effective manner. We also have developed our business with the Worldwide-Professional Indemnity Assurance.

Our mission is to use our capabilities in lighting design to extend aesthethic, technic and ethical vision for our profession, finding appropriate lighting solutions while supplying the best possible lighting design project experience for our clients and their teams in all kinds of architectural projects.

Our scope includes  malls, offices,  entertainment and sports facilities , public and recreational areas, museums, hotels, restaurants, private residences, educational campuses, landscapes, facades, urban master plans of lighting and historical renovations.

Planlux serves; Independent lighting design services for architectural environments from conceptual design to comissioningDeveloping lighting identities for brands (LIDD) , Product design development services. 

Plan Lighting Design Co. Ltd. 2013