Light Identity Design

Branding is a long time project includes ‘combination of processes’.  One of these process is to define a strategy and feeling about architectural environment you present as a part of your service.  The way how the lighting is designed  is so important to give the quality of feeling to the customer. It’s a hidden advantage. Lighting design is a key aspect that communicates directly about the values of your brand.

As lighting designers (PLDA declaration states), we are responsible for the design of part of the human environment and in extension, responsible for the appearance of their design and of its impact on the design of others, the well-being of people using the designed spaces, their appropriate feeling in it, their  efficiency in carrying-out the visual tasks, their safety and security, all of these within the limitations  of the influence of the designed lighting on the space and its users or on the lit objects and their viewers.

We provide our customers long time lighting design and consultancy services from design development to the documentation and control during commissioning.

 We define the lighting strategy of the architectural  environments for the particular brand. This strategy is briefly a mix of; effective-striking designs,  creating efficient specifications while adapting-informing new technologies considering environment and continuous documentation-reporting.

We work independent from all manufacturers and declare not to demand extra payment or any other benefits from suppliers or manufacturers.

Allow us to manage your brand through our knowledge within Architectural Lighting Design.

Here you can find some of our selected projects that are provided as ‘Lighting Identity Design Development’ sevice for; 

Bimeks, MACFit, Cinemaximum, Beymen, Boyner, Kahve Dünyası