Luminaire Design

A successful luminaire design is realized by defining the right product story.  Architectural expectations, the comfort of the user, combined with the lighting technique is crutial.  This product story gains the base value by highlighting the product in the sector. This value is the basic principle we follow in the frame of our lighting design practice.

We always work on lighting details and the usage principals of all kind of lighting products in our practice. We have to evaluate and use thousands of luminaires from couple of hundreds producers/brands in our projects. This experience also create a need to develop particular lighting devices,  add functions on them or redefine the purpose of use and create vision. Our purpose is to define tomorrows as well as today’s lighting design needs and goals for our clients.

In this frame, we work with producers at different scales at local and international level.  We involve in the development the portfolios of producers as well as the development of specific product designs for projects.

Lets come together and evaluate your architectural lighting products and luminaire range together. We believe we can help each other.