Lighting presents a great role on the way we feel about our architectural environment.  In Planlux we see our environment as ‘light’.

We work and serve for light. We design light. We design ‘light’ that make you feel.. Light that interacts with the space..

We are  independent lighting design professionals ‘designing light’ who put smart and practical approaches combined with architectural creativity to our practice.  Our core value is to achieve the best possible lighting solution and project design experience  for our clients and their teams. During this process we strongly consider sustainibity for our environment.

We fill the gap between designers, engineers, manifacturers and the clients in architectural projects. We work independent from all manifacturers. PLANLUX team searches and studies the architectural details of projects in deep to use light and shade to create attractive and unique atmospheres.

Main design approach of PLANLUX is to use architecture itself to create a feeling that; light is an indispensable part of the architectural environment, not an insertion.

As lighting designers (PLDA declaration states);  ‘We are responsible for the design of part of the human environment  and in extension, responsible for the appearance of their design and of its impact on the design of others, the well-being of people using the designed spaces, their appropriate feeling in it, their  efficiency in carrying-out the visual tasks, their safety and security, all of these within the limitations  of the influence of the designed lighting on the space and its users or on the lit objects and their  viewers.’