Lighting Design


As lighting designers, we are responsible for the design of the environment in which we live. We create stories with the help of technical knowledge, experience and imagination, we design the effects of natural and artificial light, we systematically transfer and apply these predictions to the architectural projects.
This requires a planned process management. We simplify lighting design and project management control processes for all parties. At the end of an intense study; we create aesthetic, effective and feasible lighting design solutions. During this process, Planlux serves strictly according to the code of ethics and professional conduct of IALD.
At Planlux, we will take our project design processes according to the following basic steps and develop these steps separately for each of our customers' needs. We can send you a hardcopy version of infographic brochure describing these steps if you inform us by email to and share your contact details. 

Concept Design

In this phase, we attend meetings and establish the lighting project schedule, focusing on the main design criteria. We then design and present our lighting concept ideas through sketches or graphics. showing light traces, desired lighting levels, techniques, and luminaires ideas.

Schematic Design

We prepare preliminary applications of luminaire arrangements in drawings, luminaire lists, lighting calculations and budgets. Custom design luminaires are designed. Architectural details and application types are defined. Light control ideas are developed. Mockups start on site. 

Detailed Design

Custom design luminaires are detailed. According to the schematic application, fundamental architectural details and application types are detailed. Cut sheets are prepared. Control schedules and channel lists are developed. Mockups are a part of this phase

Tender & Documentation

Attending the workshop meetings, to brief, inform and support the design and construction teams for tender queries and shop drawing reviews.

Control & Commissioning

Weekly/monthly site visits and equipment/project inspections before/ during installation/commissioning. Checking the details of the applications. Final luminaire adjustments. 
Lighting Identity Design


Branding is a long time project includes ‘combination of processes’. One of these processes is to define a strategy and feeling about the architectural environment you present as a part of your service. The way how the lighting is designed is so important to give the quality of feeling to the customer. It’s a hidden advantage. Lighting design is a key aspect that communicates directly about the values of your brand. 
We dedicate a lot of time to our customers for lighting design and consultancy services from design development to the documentation and control during commissioning. 
We define the lighting strategy of the architectural environments for the particular brand. This strategy is briefly a mix of; effective-striking designs, creating efficient specifications while adapting-informing new technologies considering the environment and continuous documentation-reporting.
Allow us to manage your brand through our knowledge of Architectural Lighting Design.
Here you can find some of our selected projects that are provided as ‘Lighting Identity Design Development’ service for;
Bimeks, MACFit, Cinemaximum, Beymen, Boyner, Kahve Dünyası
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Luminaire Design


Planlux is based on an architectural background. This is an advantage for us to have a multidisciplinary work practice. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the product development in the architectural design. Light is indispensable to the creation of architecture, furthermore, architecture creates the ground rules for industrial design, particularly in the case of light. Before the interaction between the consumer and the products, there are details that consumers are looking for, which are the main issues of design; aesthetic, function, ergonomic and material. Other than the physical part of the design, marketing, production techniques and possibilities are the issues to think about during the design process.
Any object without a purpose is just a form- a visualisation.  Creating a story is essential when we design or develop a luminary. We design it for a reason, for specific places, specific feelings and mostly for specific functions. 
We are our own customers. 
We create and develop luminaires with our needs and desires and impact directly on the quality of our works.  
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Daylight & Sunlight Analysis


Preparation of the Daylight & Sunlight Analysis, including amount and duration of useful daylight hours, detailed analysis of each space with daylight factor, duration and pinpoint locations of direct sunlight penetration, optimization of lighting control system with the integration of useful daylight data, proposals of shading and filter systems.
We use AGI32 software in our studies, one of the most respected software packages in the market.
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