Why hire a lighting designer?

Why should you hire an independent professional lighting designer?

Its a good question.. Let us explain..

As professional lighting designers we  search, study and express uniqe ways to tell the story of the architectural environment with light. Our profession is mixed with since, arts and craftsmanship. We just not love our profession but also take it so seriously inorder to help creating its  legislation as is required today.

In any architectural project process we  contribute to; save time, save budget and save architectural  environment with the work we do.

We contribute to save your time;

Professional lighting designers have deep knowdge on up-to-date lighting design techniques, lighting products and technoogies, lightig control systems, architectural  project design deveopment and production processes. Combination of these knowledge creates a better and non-resistant flow of data and process control ability from the early stages of concept development to construction for  every kind and scale in architectural projects consisting both artifical and natural lighting.

Tailor made services for each individual project  helps architects and investors preventing loss of communication and minimise misunderstanding with different parties througout the full project.  Lighting project decisions are made faster and more confident with countable datas based on lighting strategies defined  from early beginning. Professional lighting designers help reduce unexpected resoults significantly.

We contribute to save your budget;

We know that in any design project, investors’ expectation or limitations on budget is the fundamental detail as importand as the design idea itself.  We specify responsibly.  As independent professional lighting designers we hold no commercial relationships with any manufacturer, supplier or other party. So,  we can spesify best possible lighting design solution throug a budget with confidence.  We specify through the real needs of the project, not to the sales targets of any party.  We search and encourage for the highest product and detail quality possible prevent unexpected long term expenditure.  We design and specify responsibly in quality, quantitiy and efficiency with the kowledge of the exact design outcome we need which is significat from the natural environmental aspect.

We contribute to save your architectural environment;

Architectural lighting does not relate on only the ergonomical needs but also adresses sense of definiton for the emotions on how we perceive the environment. Professional lighting designers can design in various scales with undertanding the outcome and create realtions with the immediate environment and prevent harmless unexpected graphical results. Architectural environment, so as lighting, is related with the cultural context of the  people living in it.  We respect; the architecture itself, the cultural context and  the meanings of light where people relate to it while we are designing.